Watchlist - 03/13/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Uptrended all day yesterday. I traded it before in the $6 price range when it was really crazy. It’s a lot lower now so it shouldn’t be as bad. Could have support around $2.10.

Float: 10.13M
Short: 22.19%


This stock has been on fire last few days. Starting to get a bit extended I feel.

Float: 2.71M
Short: 15.62%


Earnings. Random midday spike at 1:00 PM. Could have support around $10.00.

Float: 10.75M
Short: 20.05%


Rebounded quite a lot yesterday. Support at ~$8.50.

Earnings, closing of public offering, conference presentation.

Float: 61.91M
Short: 3.07%


Terrible long term chart.

Float: 6.14M
Short: 7.95%


Huge gap up after hours on FDA news. Seems like the only way to trade biotechs is to short them during premarket.

Float: 27.88M
Short: 3.27%

Watchlist Review

My algorithm bought $ECYT around 9:55 AM and hit a nice 35c move. I was seriously impressed by that since the chart looked like it was not doing anything. It made a few crappy trades after that on $AMD/$GE and something else. Needs a bit more refinement.

I feel like I’m actually learning something when I paper trade now.


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