Watchlist - 03/15/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Big after hours spike. Possible support at $7.80.

Float: 27.88M
Short: 3.27%


Possible sympathy play for $RKDA. Support at $2.50.

Float: 6.63M
Short: 11.93%


Extreme low float. Support at $6.80 / $6.50. Really choppy so it could be difficult.

Float: 0.74M
Short: 0.01%


OTC stock.

Watchlist Review

I traded pretty well today. Made a few cents/share on $XNET, $SMRT, $ECYT, and chased $KCPC a little after Tim alerted it. Overall profitable even though my algorithm made a few bad trades.

I made some dumb trades later on and I think it’s because of the time of day. If I trade past 10:30 or 11:00 I end up making silly trades that usually never work or I get faked out. Have to stick to earlier in the day to stay consistent.


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