Watchlist - 03/16/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Seems like every day it ends up doing something interesting. Support at $9.90.

Float: 61.91M
Short: 3.07%


Possible continuation. Yesterday it had terrible spreads so I avoided it even when paper trading.

Float: 0.74M
Short: 0.01%


Halted serveral times yesterday around noon. This one has gone supernova in the past. It closed way off the intraday highs.

Float: 0.66M
Short: 1.73%


Recent sympathy play for $RKDA but now has blockchain news. Resistance at $1.45 and support at $1.00.

Float: 16.34M
Short: 3.07%


Starting to run in premarket. Maybe if there’s a huge panic or a decent setup after the open I’ll trade it.

Float: 1.74M
Short: 19.93%


Watching for a morning panic to dip buy.

Watchlist Review

Nothing really that easy to trade except $AMTX. I tried buying $ZSAN over premarket highs but it sold off before I could do anything. I’m going to stay away from that strategy unless it’s a lower priced stock.

My algo made a few bad trades but really nailed $KODK. Still needs tweaking.


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