Watchlist - 04/05/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Today I’ll be letting my algorithm scan for stocks that fit the dip buy / reversal pattern. It won’t make any trades, just alert them.


Two upgrades today after having an insane run from $9 to $10. Probably won’t buy unless the $SPY rolls over. I funded an account at Ally (previously TradeKing) so I can bag hold it when it has these nasty drops. If I trade it in IB I simply cannot resist taking profits when I should be sticking to my plan and holding.

I still think the current price of $10 is very low but now it feels like a chase.

Float: 962.89M
Short: 18.08%


Super sketchy company with class action lawsuits and SEC investigations. IB has 25K shares at the moment but those will probably get taken fast.

CEO of controversial crypto company Longfin blames short sellers for stock plunge

Shares oustanding: 46.54M


Impressive up day yesterday. I’ll be watching for a morning panic down to $4.00 or $3.80.


Climbed back yeseterday and ended up over $1 again. Watching for a morning panic.

Watchlist Review

I was mainly watching $GOPH today since it was up a ton yesterday and figured it’d have a panic at some point. It had a small spike then had a huge panic which was absolutely perfect. I waited for it to bottom but got in too early even though it was starting to reverse a little near $4.10. I managed to get out just in time before it really tanked.

The loss was small which is perfectly acceptable. I waited a little bit longer for it to bottom again but I could not get filled since it was bouncing for real this time. No fill at $3.73 or $3.85. I really intended to rebuy a second time but just couldn’t get executed. It’s really frustrating but I am happy with my exit.

$GOPH 1 minute candles


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