Watchlist - 04/06/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Market sold off after hours due to some news about tariffs being increased from 50B to 100B. Not much going on during premarket besides $LFIN.


Sold off with the market last night but is up slightly during premarket. If it can get close to $9.50 I may enter a small position. I would prefer to hold in my other account but the funding takes a few days. I’m hoping for a huge drop back to the low $9 range.

Float: 962.89M
Short: 18.08%


So many easy 5m bull flags yesterday. Every single one worked out.

Shares outstanding: 46.54M


Support at $9.62 and $7.75.

Float: 2.71M
Short: 21.84%


Terrible long term chart. The only resistance I see is at 0.73c then it has room up to $1.04.

Float: 16.45M
Short: 3.67%


Finally got a morning panic yesterday. The bounce wasn’t that great but I’ll keep watching it in case it does it again. Possible support at $2.70.

Watchlist Review

$LFIN got halted on a T12.

$EYEG had a nice pop out of the gate but failed to continue.

$FUSZ dipped then uptrended for a while. Supposedly it’s a pump so it may be one to watch next week if it continues.

Way later in the day my friend alerted me to $AVEO having a massive wall of sellers so I got short on the ask at $2.28. I had to wait a while since the stock is under SSR (short sale restriction) - which means you cannot short into the bid. I did not expect to get filled since it already started to drop. It popped up to $2.28 really fast and I got executed. I was actually getting ready to cancel my order but got a surprise fill.

I got out for no gains/losses because it kept holding up after 5c drops. I covered into some panic and technically made 2c/share. I was looking for at least 5-10c down to $2.20. The huge sellers also disappeared so it’s possible they were just pushing it down but not actually getting filled.

The $SPY started to dump really hard during this time as well but it had no reaction.

$AVEO 1 minute candles


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