Watchlist - 04/10/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

$SPY has gapped up and is close to breaking $264.84. I’m planning to scoop up some $AMD shares in another broker today if it gets close to $9.50.


Former supernova. This time it has news about receiving FCC certification. Resistance at $23.55.

Float: 19.19M
Short: 33.80%


Watching for a morning panic now that it is up a lot once again.


Slowly uptrending again. Watching for a morning panic.

Watchlist Review

$WATT had a panic then was choppy. I don’t really like it since the spreads are big.

$FUSZ finally broke out at 11:30 AM and I tried buying at $2.11 but didn’t get filled. It was midday and the volume was weak compared to the morning. Later it really failed and broke through the open and prior close. If it stays red there should be a decent panic tomorrow.

$S had this insane spike and got halted twice on news. I’ve never seen a high float (634.24M) like that get a volatility halt. Out of the second halt I was thinking about buying it but it moved really slowly so I wasn’t sure. My friend shorted too low then shorted again into the next spike. He came out with a really nice win then proceeded to trade it a few more times for smaller wins. Not bad.


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