Watchlist - 04/11/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

$SPY gap down on probably R■ssia / S■ria news. I’m only seeing $CBAY up over 10%. Could be a decent day to buy $TVIX.


Huge run yesterday and even spiked into the close.

Float: 11.39M
Short: 7.72%


Can’t believe I missed this one yesterday. Could have support around $6.00.

Float: 113.07M
Short: 2.94%


This one has spiked big in the past but overall it has a terrible long term chart. It seems like any big gap ups result in a red day and it comes right back down. Resistance at $6.20.

Float: 51.52M
Short: 23.64%


Hasn’t been doing too much lately. Still on watch for a morning panic.


Watching for a big morning panic.

Watchlist Review

$CBAY had a really nice uptrend then had a huge drop from $14.50 to $13.90. It came out of nowhere.

I traded $CALI today since it has squeezed in the past with huge moves. It was halted for 10 minutes and I dip bought out of the halt. Immediately after I bought it tanked 50c and I couldn’t even get out for a small loss. My sell order took several seconds to execute, too.

The first time I try buying out of a halt with real money it ends up being a big loss. I’ve traded those several times while paper trading and they all ended up working. It’s just ridiculous that I end up picking the one that tanks when I decide to buy. I have incredibly bad luck.

I checked the time and sales data and in 5 seconds it dropped 40c+. There was no time to exit. It basically tapped $4 and everyone bailed. I probably should have recognized that but that’s just insane.

There was only one big order which was 58,000 shares at $3.85 and it kept upticking to $4.00. I’m not sure if there was a big order up there or not.

$CALI 1 minute candles

Small update about 2 months later: I believe this trade did not work because it was simply a random spike and halt. It was barely even trading previously in the day and there was no reason for it to keep going. Everyone took profit or shorted into resistance out of the halt and it dumped fast.


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