Watchlist - 04/12/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

Trade Ideas trial starts on Monday. I signed into the demo so I can create a few scanners. The data is delayed by 20 minutes but you can still use it for end of day scanning which is pretty useful.

Some of the cannabis OTC stocks appear to be uptrending but they don’t look that interesting yet.


Still managed to have a decent spike yesterday. I’ll see if it can pullback and consolidate like it did before.

Float: 113.07M
Short: 2.94%


Contract news. Weird chart since it’s a 5c tick and barely moves.

Float: 44.29M
Short: 0.27%


It looks like the uptrend is over. There have been two days now where it’s been going down. Still watching for a panic but there might not be one.


Still not panicking which is quite surprising.

Watchlist Review

Nothing that exciting. I was waiting for $CBI to break over $16.00 but it failed. I realized I should have shorted when it couldn’t break but it felt too low already.

$NETE over the first 5m high was a perfect setup and something you can scan for with TI.


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