Watchlist - 04/17/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Has the potential for a short squeeze.

Float: 10.6M
Short: 54.28%


New 52w high but starting to get really overextended on the daily.

Float: 116M
Short: 9.30%


Always ends up being really choppy in the morning. Held VWAP pretty well several times though.

Float: 115.32M
Short: 3.66%


Weed stocks are back on Canada legalization. This stock has had big morning panics in the past so I’ll be looking for that.


This is somehow still hanging on. Watching for big morning panics but this one tends to not panic big - at least recently.

Watchlist Review

I was not here for the open since I was too tired.

$HMNY had a perfect opening range breakout. I was thinking last night it might be a good overnight long but it’s such a terrible stock. It gapped up slightly then opened lower and had the ORB.

$I had multiple spikes so it could have been played both ways.

$CRON and $CANN had panics in the morning. $CANN really failed to bounce much and just went sideways.

$FUSZ had a small panic where the bottom dropped out to $2 then it recovered quickly. It just doesn’t want to crack.

Luckily my $AMD buy on Friday was pretty solid. It seems $AMD is now in an uptrend. I plan on selling the day of earnings some time before the close.


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