Watchlist - 04/18/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis


Terrible long term chart but now it’s above $1.01 so it may be filling the gap.

Float: 9.55M
Short: 2.58%


Float: 116M
Short: 9.30%


Getting close to a breakout over $3.35. Support at $2.50.

Float: 70.1M
Short: 1.69%


Earnings. Extreme low float with high short % according to finviz.

Float: 0.44M
Short: 64.46%


Finally got a panic yesterday but the bounce was weak.


Still on watch for a morning panic.

Watchlist Review

I didn’t really see anything that great except for $VTVT which went straight up. $I had a VWAP pullback but I missed it.


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