Watchlist - 04/27/2018

Selecting Stocks and Analysis

After the TI trial I unintentially took a week off. I need to fix my sleep schedule which appears to be very difficult. I’m just not tired at night and usually tired during market hours even if I get enough sleep.

I’m not totally convinced TI is worth it since every stock that showed up in any of the scans was not really doing anything. I do find it useful for finding % gainers at the end of the day. That is completely free if you sign in using a demo account.

Anyway, I managed to take 60c/share out of $AMD thanks to the earnings spike after hours. I wanted to sell before the close but I was red so I decided to just hold until green. I got lucky. I tried selling it into the fast $10.30 spike but I couldn’t because of open orders not being canceled at Ally Invest. I had to call up the broker to cancel the orders then have them place the sell for me. It was really scary since I know $AMD tends to spike then drop hard. It didn’t this time and kept going so I sold too soon.

I intend to rebuy again if it crashes into the $9s due to market conditions or perhaps an earnings run up like this time. Except next time I’ll take the 30-50c/share immediately if I get it.


Recent IPO. Shouldn’t have many bag holders. Could have support near $10.00.

Shares outstanding: 16.07M


Multiday breakout over $4.88.

Float: 80.64M
Short: 9.68%



Float: 43.17M


Still holding up. Support at $1.70.

Float: 6.82M
Short: 25.11%


Not planning on actively watching it. If it has a morning panic or finds support at $10.75 again I’ll consider taking a position.

Float: 963.98M
Short: 18.87%

Watchlist Review

Didn’t really see anything amazing.

$HEAR had a perfect 5m dip buy setup but I was not watching it.

$IMGN had news and had a decent 1m setup then a high of day breakout near $11.80.

$I double topped nicely but that one is so choppy.

$AMD dropped to $11 then had a grindy bounce.


I am not a registered financial adviser/broker/anything. Use this information for entertainment/informational purposes only. Any tickers mentioned are not recommendations to buy/sell/or sell short. They are used as examples only.