Reviewing My $ALLY Trade

This is my first attempt at buying at trend line support with real money. It ended up working perfectly and I got in almost at the exact bottom on Wednesday.

As you can see from the daily chart, I drew the support/resistance lines and had been actively watching this stock for several days. It had two things going for it: running into the 200 day EMA as well as another touch of the uptrending trend line. My plan was to buy around $26.55 with a goal of selling near $27 in a few days.

$ALLY daily candles

It tapped the bottom trend line almost perfectly and started to reverse. I bought 100 shares with a limit of $26.49. Low of day was $26.45. Luckily I had a good entry and it reversed off that bottom.

The next day it gapped up just over $26.90, so I was in the green over 40c and didn’t have to worry about being red. I gave it as much time as I could stand to get over $27, but it started to top at $27.10. I decided to just take the 54c profit and call it a day. This was pretty good even though it managed to get to $27.23. Can never get the exact bottom or top and that’s OK.

$ALLY 5m candles

I’ll be watching it for another setup like this. Possibly a little higher like $26.60 or $26.65 when it sets up again. Just have to be patient and wait for it.


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