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I’ve decided to create a YouTube channel and have started uploading my trades to document my progress/algos progress. There are already tons of people posting daily recaps, but how many are posting live algorithmic trades? Certainly not what I’m attempting to achieve: scanning stocks in real-time then trading patterns when they show up. I looked through YouTube and could not find anything like this. It’s always forex/futures/specific stocks ($AAPL / $TWTR). I prefer to do what I’m doing simply because the patterns I look for should appear a few times each day on different stocks; which means there’s more opportunity to test and/or profit.

As far as I know there is not any backtesting software that allows you to backtest intraday candles and ticks based on the hot stocks appearing in a scan for the day. Obviously you can do it for individual stocks you select, but not for real-time scanning based on a set criteria. The software I wrote is totally custom for IB/TWS.

For now it’s all simulated trades until I’m confident in my strategy (manual and algo). Let’s see where this goes.

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