Trading Update - 5

Update 4 - Bull Flag 1 Results
Update 3 - Bull Flag 1 Trades

This algorithm is slightly modified compared to the update 3 post. Since the beta version of the TWS API contains better filters, I’m now using those instead of basic volume/market cap filters. I’ll try to upload them to YouTube, but if it’s anything like last time it’s just boring trades that get stopped out.

P/L: $31.68
Wins: 2 100.00%
Losses: 0 0.00%
Break Even: 1 0.00%
Wins + BE: 3 100.00%
Trades: 3

Break even trades mean the stock went up at least 15c over the entry and it moved the stop to break even.

Week 1 - 11/1/2018
Three trades today. Two wins and one break even trade. There may have been trades prior to these but this is when I got the scans and algo setup correctly.

$CLVS 5m/1m candles

Forgot to add this Greek shipping stock to the ignore list.

$PXS 5m/1m candles

Break even. Spreads were really bad on this one. Almost hit the target before getting stopped out.

$HUYA 5m/1m candles

No trades. Yesterday was crazy and now Friday is pretty boring. I had some issues with my TWS layout around 11:30 so it was not watching for about 30 minutes.

Basically nothing moving today. Market is pretty dead. Could be the upcoming election or the tarrifs.

It tried to take $GALT but it wouldn’t have gotten filled at 5.78, so I moved the order up. Tiny move to 5.89 then it started to dump. I’m not counting this one because the spreads would have made it cancel the order.

$GALT 5m/1m candles

No trades. Hopefully something happens tomorrow after the election results are in.

There were a few things moving finally but nothing crazy. $SEND made a huge move on earnings but I looked at the daily and didn’t see big volume while it was flagging. I backtested it and it won but no trades because the market cap is 1.6B (scan limit is 750M). No trades.

I was messing with the scans for a few hours so it made a bad trade on $SGMS which is not a low market cap. I then got the scans dialed in better and it traded $LCI for a win. I should probably start the test over with the new filters. I think IB removed the “shares outstanding” scan because it’s not there anymore in the parameters. I wish they had a float filter because that would narrow it down significantly.

This one actually hit the non-weak market target, but I moved it down not expecting it to run that much.

$LCI 5m/1m candles

No trades. Very boring day. It wasn’t even watching any stocks until 10:00 AM because everything sold off.

Weak again. I really needed to dip buy $AMD at $19.00 so I logged into my live account and put some orders out. Algo was watching like 8 stocks by 10:30 so I doubt there was anything happening today.

It’s just getting boring now so I’m running it on my live account but as read-only so it logs the trades but won’t be able to place them. I need to be able to make trades if I see something good instead of just paper trading it. I sold my small $AMD position today since it got a $1 run and I didn’t want to bag hold if it dumped. I have an order to rebuy at $19 again.

No trades.

Tried to take a trade on $SWCH but no fill. Order was canceled.

Finally a trade and it somewhat worked. Unfortunately, it was $NBEV so it usually stuffs. Small move up to $4.50 then it dumped and got out break even. I’m adding a whole/half dollar top check because things like that happen often. Any human watching it could determine there was going to be resistance there or by looking at the level 2. I saw a higher number of sellers, then a bunch of sellers came in a penny below once it tapped it.

$NBEV 5m/1m candles


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