Trading Update - 8

Update 7
February Trade Review

This post is dedicated to March trades. I paper traded most of February and modified the algo a bit to fix a few bugs and add new exit indicators. See the “Februray Trade Review” link above to find out what I changed. I plan to paper trade for at least the first week March if not more.


  1. $LB. Traded this one before. Small move then crashed. Worked eventually so I think I need to use the 9 EMA if it’s lower as the stop.
  2. $FTCH. Also traded this one before. Dumped pretty quickly.
  3. $VFF. Another instant dump.
  4. $OSTK. Nice looking setup that dumped. Usually flags work on this stock.

Friday’s just seem to be terrible in general. Most likely when I go live again I’ll skip Friday entirely.

Not watching many stocks by end of day. There were a few that popped up but didn’t meet the risk/reward or failed before making a new high. I’m using the 9 EMA as a stop or a previous low so the risk/reward must be much higher in order for a trade to occur.

  1. $SE. Late day flag and it worked. My algo did sell it sooner than usual because it got super close to the target and didn’t get over quick enough. It needs some adjusting to wait several seconds then sell but it does work. Nice win.


  1. $SE, again. No fill and if it were live I doubt it would have gotten it. It did end up working.
  2. $SE. Second flag failed.

No trades. $BPTH would have been taken but the R/R was bad. The backtest shows a 1.45:1 risk/reward which is good so maybe I’ll use the last close price instead of the high for the calculation during live trades. It should have been taken which is weird.

It was going to take $BPTH early in the morning today but the R/R was just awful and I’m glad I added that. The downside is multiple dollars and the reward I programmed is not capable of more than about $1 max.

  1. $YEXT. Good setup, break even though. It did double top so maybe I need to look back a couple candles before the entry. Eventually hit the target.

So far no dumb trades this week. Could just be from the market dumping and these are the only ones that met the requirements. Tomorrow is Friday which has been god awful lately. I did make a few changes after the last one so maybe it will do better.

I updated the crypto datasets if anyone cares.

No trades. Pretty slow day in general.

$WDC was setting up and would have worked but the risk was too high for it to trade.

No trades.

IB did something with TWS in the latest update that caused the charts and the entire application in general to be extremely laggy, and it has nothing to do with memory leaks this time around. 974 seems to be fine and luckily I had that older standalone release in a VM.


  1. $PYX. This turd never works. It bought right into daily resistance. I’m not sure if I can determine if there is resistance other than looking at the highest high over the last 30 days or so.

$NTNX in the morning but risk/reward was bad.

  1. $SLDB. Another failed flag that eventually hit the target.

I don’t know what I’m missing. These setups all look pretty decent to me yet almost all of them dump.

Nothing going on again. I paper shorted $BOXL as it spiked into resistance. First entry was a bit early then I added higher into 4.18 which was just about the high. Really nice trade.

No trades.

  • I’m going back to previous low as a stop since the 9 EMA tends to be really far away. In the case of the EMA, it ends up taking even smaller positions and gets stopped out anyway. It doesn’t seem to matter.
  • I made some backtesting changes to make things a lot easier to test “waiting” a set amount of time before selling when a double top occurs. Eventually I want to add resampling 1m candles instead of ticks so I can backtest days at a time for faster results.

Friday! Still not much going on. $SLNO had a flag that occurred the earliest I’ve ever seen. It did work but was not taken because it broke the 9:30 high candle.

No trades again. I tweaked it some to support super early flags but it still wouldn’t take it if the risk/reward was low.


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