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This post is dedicated to April trades. I won’t be doing a March recap post since I paper traded the entire time and have been tweaking it. The flags it trades are good, I think, so now I’m making sure the exit indicators work properly. I have started working on a shorting strategy that looks promising as well.


  1. $MOMO. Two trades on this one today. First one worked perfectly and the second got stopped out break even.

No short trades surprisingly. I see $PHAS had a nice $12 wall which worked but was not taken because of the higher float.


  1. $PSTG. Reminds me of the crappy stocks it traded last year with no volatility. Out for break even.
  2. $WDC. Got stuck at the half dollar so the algo sold early. It was definitely the right call as it dumped shortly after.


  1. $MDR. Perfect setup however the stop was too tight. Worked exactly how I wanted otherwise.
  2. $STNE. Way too volatile and it got an insanely bad fill. Shouldn’t have been traded since the ATR is above the max I set. It did work eventually but the entry was horrible.
  3. $VKTX. Worked perfectly.

Couple bugs with stops but nothing major. I may change it to only short whole numbers if the stock is volatile. Half numbers actually seem decent but only if the volatility isn’t too insane.


  1. $SGMO. Failed pretty much right away.

I feel like I need to rewrite my flag strategy but I don’t know what I would change. It trades the setup well but they seem really inconsistent.


  1. $ON. Half dollar that didn’t work. It was close though.
  2. $GME. Basically top ticked the whole number. Could have gone for more on this one.
  3. $AMD. Quick scalp at the whole dollar.

It was also trying to short $ZYNE but IB had no shares and it worked perfectly too :(

No flags.


  1. $PVG. Didn’t quite dump enough to hit the target. Small profit.
  2. $I. Blasted through the short instantly.
  3. $LB. Perfect setup. Left some on the table but the volatility isn’t that high.

As I described on 4/2, one of the changes I can make is to not short half dollars if the volatility is too high. $I would have met that critera today.


  1. $WLL. Top ticked the exit.
  2. $TGI. Instantly failed. I’m surprised it was taken since the top was at a whole number.


  1. $ZYNE. IB had shares finally. Got stopped out pretty quick. It was close to getting the top.

Pretty slow day for shorts. I may rewrite my flag strategy this weekend to see if I can simplify it.

Slow day. I added $SPY and $TQQQ to the short symbols list to see if it ever trades those and how well they perform.


  1. $NBEV. No shares at IB. It was close to getting the big drop. This stock is impossible to trade due to the insane amount of shares it trades when there’s news.

More trade war crap today. Really slow this morning besides $ATAI.

No trades. Barely anything going on again.

I loosened up some of the filters for the shorting strategy to see if has any trades that work on higher priced stuff. Very slow day again.


  1. $AMRS. Got out on the next candle when it topped. Almost break even.
  2. $ZAYO. Same as $AMRS. Small win.
  3. $ATAI. Dumped first before going.


  1. $ZAYO. Shorted the half dollar. Stopped out break even.

The last few days I’ve been working on an ES long/short strategy using thinkscript since it allows you to easily visualize the trades and gives you a basic P/L for the time period you’re looking at. It looks promising so I want to add futures support to my trading app and automate it to see how it does going forward.

Barely anything going on. No trades except for ES.

No flags.


  1. $PE. Got a little dump then it broke out again. 10m later a massive crash.

Slow day again. I’ve been working on an ES strategy in thinkscript and porting it to my own algo when the results look good. I just need the setup to appear a few times so I can make sure everything works properly. So far I really like futures. Stocks just seem so unpredictable and fitting a strategy to the one that pops up for the day is really hard. There will be a micro futures contract for the S&P 500 next month so I’ll look into trading that instead of ES so there’s less risk.


  1. $ADNT. Crap.


  1. $ADSW. Perfect.
  2. $ADNT. Perfect.
  3. $CTLT. Nice drop then it spiked and got out break even. Not bad.
  4. $EFII. Crap. Massive crash after it went parabolic.
  5. $JMIA. Crap. Little dump at the half dollar.

The early shorts were incredible then every trade after was crap. I’m more interested in my ES strategies now since stocks are less predictable.

No trades. $TIGR set up for a short but no shares available. Even ES was pretty slow today.

Slow day but some nice ES trades.


  1. $LB. Total crap but got out break even.



Market is closed on Friday. Some nice ES trades during premarket.


  1. $WTR. Stopped out right away. Eventually got going. Stop was too tight for a win.
  2. $HUYA. Stop was too tight again. Would have almost hit the target


  1. $AMRS. No shares. It would have gotten stopped out anyway.

Lately all of the flags and shorts have not worked and I feel like I’ve slowly moved on after seeing my ES strategy work consistently. It does not seem possible to make a strategy for random stocks that are active unless it is extremely specific. I would need to rewrite my flag algo to be more specific but then it might not ever trade. It would take a long time to get a large enough sample size to know if it works or not, and then it might only work during earnings or vice-versa.

For ES, the pattern shows up at least once per day and has been consistent. I’m still fixing a couple issues with it where it doesn’t take the same trades as the thinkscript due to indicators returning bad data. But so far every trade has been amazing. Hopefully it works on the micro contract when that is released otherwise I could take the trade manually on it instead.


  1. $RCII. Dumped.
  2. $WLL. Double topped so got out break even.
  3. $CRZO. Almost hit the target. Finally one that worked.



  1. $HOME. Dumped pretty quick.


Four ES trades today. Two were OK in the early morning and the other two were perfect.


  1. $STNE. Perfect.


Some ES trades but nothing else.


No ES trades today.

  1. $CRON. Dumped.

I feel like I have to reverse my bull flag algo since it’s insanely accurate about the stock going down. The first candle to make a new high ends up being the perfect short entry with a stop at the high of day.


Small win on ES.

I reversed my bull flag strategy

Short flags

  1. $ROAN. Went a little bit too far so it got stopped out.
  2. $JMIA. Broke the high of day slightly then dumped. Perfect, just needs a stop loss tweak.


  1. $BE. Ran hard after the entry.


No ES trades.

Short flags

  1. $WDC. Didn’t really do anything after the entry. Consolidated then dumped. Tiny loss.
  2. $WW. Perfect setup. Dumped for 30m+.

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