Trading Update - 10

Update 9

Just like my last post, it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these. I simply had to create another post detailing some of my recent trades.

First up is a trade I took following the Hivemind algo. It was a Ranger trade that got stopped out but I held because X3 got back in on the open. I probably should have added one contract since it dipped after hours but oh well - can only do so much.

I was watching it for most of the night and was waiting for it to get near my target of 2933 which was resistance from a few days ago. It randomly squeezed almost 20 points in my favor but did not reach my target. I instantly moved my order down and got out at the top. It was simply too perfect. X3 exited a day later at about the same price.

Next is a dip I just had to buy. I watched it start dumping after hours on some trade talk news. It was at the bottom of the range so I put an order at 2892 hoping for a bounce. I was instantly out for a $20 gain and it kept going.

Later it went lower and found support again. I had an order at 2883 but it never dumped again and had a huge move back up on more trade news. I missed every large move but at least I caught something.

And the last trade was just a 1 point short trade scalp for $4 profit. I was right about there being a pullback but it went higher first so I was too early. I did not screenshot this one.

Trading futures has been going really well so far and I haven’t had a single loss. I’ve been down close to $200 following the Hivemind but never closed out. I want to start using hotkeys for orders but I feel like they are too impulsive. They’re configured but I’ve never used them live on $MES.

Also, I now have a small TradeStation account which I’ll be using exclusively for algos. I may trade the Hivemind in it as well just to pad it up a bit.

September Trade Review


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