Trading Review 2019

I finally became profitable at the end of 2019 and all it took was switching to futures and following the Hivemind system. I cannot find a reason to trade stocks anymore. I don’t want to be buying some junk stock that could collapse the next day if I held overnight. There are so many great things about futures that I’ll probably never look back unless I decide to invest longer term.

I started off with $MES, taking it super slow with a single contract and built up to two then sometimes four. Eventually, I got to the point of taking full size $ES positions because I don’t want to be buying 5+ contracts of $MES unless I’m trying to average.

What’s amazing is that I’ve never had a single losing trade since I started. I expect to at some point – it is inevitable, but for 4 months of trading that’s incredible.

I also wrote an algo in EasyLanguage for TradeStation that appears to work. It does well on $ES and OK on $NQ/$YM. It doesn’t produce insane returns but so far it’s successful and very simple.

Here’s my monthly performance summary from FundSeeder. In 2020, I’ve already made 8.24% because I started trading $ES, and hopefully that will continue.


Trading Goals for 2020

Make all the money.