Freezing Your Credit
Sep 11, 2017

Here’s my experiences with freezing my credit. It was rather painless and can be done online. The cost may be different depending on your state.

  • Experian
    • Cost me about $10 to freeze.
    • PIN used for unlocking.
  • TransUnion
    • Free and easy one click lock/unlock after registering.
  • Innovis
    • Free.
    • Sends a letter with the unlock pin.
  • Equifax
    • Free (for now).
    • PIN used for unlocking.

More information if you are interested: KrebsonSecurity

I’m not sure if this affects opening new brokerage accounts. Maybe if you want access to margin (for shorting) or leverage. Brokerage accounts have never shown up on any credit reports for me.

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