FreeNAS Corral - Migrate Encrypted Volumes
Mar 17, 2017

FreeNAS 10 is finally here (now named Corral)! If you have encrypted volumes they will not automatically appear. They must be migrated from FreeNAS 9.x. Luckily it’s a pretty simple fix.

Visit the Console page and use these two commands. Set the passphrase for the first command and then the volumes should appear. The next command will resume the 9.x to Corral migration.

volume migration_import name=local passphrase=""; wait
system advanced resume_migration; wait

For me the network devices were not being brought up on boot. To solve that just go into the network section of the panel and set them to “Enabled”.

Corral has been scrapped and some features from it will be migrated into 9.10.

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