Python Django Mail Queue

If you ever need to send many emails at once, an email queue system will reduce the strain on your web server by sending emails a few minutes later in a separate process (usually). After some searching I found an easy to use one called post_office.

The configuration is very simple and emails get sent using a cronjob. It doesn’t require Celery/RabbitMQ or anything else. I won’t bother posting any configuration details because the GitHub page contains everything you could possibly want.

[INFO]2015-09-29 13:37:11 PID 2014: Acquiring lock for sending queued emails at /tmp/post_office.lock
[INFO]2015-09-29 13:37:11 PID 2014: Started sending 2 emails with 1 processes.
[INFO]2015-09-29 13:37:11 PID 2014: Process started, sending 2 emails
[INFO]2015-09-29 13:37:13 PID 2014: Process finished, 2 attempted, 2 sent, 0 failed
[INFO]2015-09-29 13:37:13 PID 2014: 2 emails attempted, 2 sent, 0 failed