Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Multi-WAN Failover and Port Forwarding
Oct 22, 2016

Ubiquiti is known for their awesome wireless access points, so a year ago I decided to pick up one of their routers. Based on the reviews I could tell it was another great product but not one for novices. With one of their recent system images (1.6.0 I believe, but I’ll be using 1.9.0) they added an easy config wizard for load balancing. With this you can setup multiple WANs and even setup one as “failover only”. I decided to signup for the absolute cheapest Comcast plan ($29.99 per month for 25/5) for use with the load balancing feature. Surprisingly it was very easy to get setup. I already had the modem so I just had to call up Comcast and get activated.

Once that was done, configuring the router was as simple as following the “Load Balancing” wizard. Port forwarding, however, only supports a single WAN interface. So, what you need to do is go through the “NAT” tab and add DNAT rules for each port you plan to forward and then edit the “Firewall Policies” for “WAN_IN”. Easy enough. It’s only two steps per port.

eth0 and eth1 are WAN interfaces, eth2 is LAN.




Use the normal “Port Forwarding” option for your primary gateway and the above options for your secondary gateway. When the network goes down on eth0, it will failover to eth1 and your forwarded ports will still work just fine.

The default health test uses the server ping.ubnt.com. This can be changed to an IP address so DNS lookups are not needed.

set load-balance group <name> interface <name> route-test type ping target
$ show load-balance watchdog
Group G
  status: Running 
  pings: 249
  fails: 0
  run fails: 0/3
  route drops: 1
  ping gateway: - REACHABLE
  last route drop   : Mon Nov 28 15:15:34 2016
  last route recover: Mon Nov 28 15:26:32 2016

  status: Running 
  failover-only mode
  pings: 274
  fails: 0
  run fails: 0/3
  route drops: 0
  ping gateway: - REACHABLE
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