Linux - Steam Controller (or any controller) Always Moving/Looking Upwards
Nov 6, 2015

As soon as I saw the Steam Controller / Link available for sale, I decided to grab the controller for $49.99 on literally the day it came out. So after a couple months it finally arrived. And finally a few weeks later I decided to mess around with Big Picture mode and give the controller a shot.

In the past I’ve used an Xbox 360 controller for Steam In-Home Streaming but I didn’t like how the controller felt. I’ve always used KB+M since it’s superior in almost every possible way … except for sitting on the couch.

Anyway, after some intial configuration with udev rules, the controller, for some odd reason, decided to make the mouse cursor move up to the top of the screen making it nearly impossible to bring it down even an inch. It even occurs with the 360 controller. This is caused by having the X11 input-joystick package installed. This package is used to make a joystick act as a mouse so it can be used on the desktop. Removing it then rebooting will solve the problem.

This is kind of similar to one of my other posts detailing an issue with mouse acceleration never turning off due to the X11 input-libinput package.


pacman -R xf86-input-joystick


apt-get remove xserver-xorg-input-joystick

Reboot after.