Building Static OpenSSL on Windows
Apr 1, 2021
  1. Install Strawberry Perl
  2. Install NASM
  3. Add NASM to the system PATH
  4. Download OpenSSL
  5. Open the Visual Studio tools command prompt for the compiler you intend to use
  6. Move to the extracted OpenSSL folder
  7. Configure
    • perl Configure VC-WIN32 no-shared
    • Change WIN32 to WIN64 for 64-bit
  8. Edit the makefile and change the optimization settings if needed
  9. Build
    • nmake
  10. Install
    • nmake install
    • Libraries should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSSL - if it fails, just use the current OpenSSL directory instead
  11. Rename libcrypto.lib to libeay32.lib
  12. Rename libssl.lib to ssleay32.lib
  13. Build cURL with static OpenSSL