Nov 8, 2017

Yesterday I started working on a high of day / low of day scanner using the Trader Workstation API. It did not take very long to complete and I even added RSS news scanner so you can easily see what the news is before you even look at the chart.

I couldn’t find a way to monitor every single stock in the market, so utilizing the different percent gain, top volume, and most active scans should be good enough for monitoring the hottest stocks for the day. A simple UI could be added but the console should work just as well.

Feel free to modify it and change the scan parameters or disable Text to Speech or RSS news. I’m still refining it so expect updates in the future.

Link to GitHub project


  • New high of day
  • New low of day
  • Halted / resumed
  • News lookup
  • Text to Speech (.NET or AWS Polly)
  • Trading range for the day


Update: I nuked this repo because it had some problems. I rewrote it multiple times until it finally morphed into my algo trading application.